Engagement Portals

A scientifically designed platform for managing any type of Engagement strategy to achieve measurable results.

Digitport Inc.Overview

Designed to help organizations:

  • Increase sales and referrals
  • Promote wellness and safety
  • Foster collaboration
  • Reward and recognize behaviors and results
  • Measure results
  • Ideal for:
    • Customer loyalty
    • Channel performance
    • Employee engagement
    • Manager-to-peer or peer-to-peer recognition
    • Volunteer and vendor engagement

Key Features

Advanced AirThe Engagement Portal (EP) technology supports simple yet comprehensive engagement strategies to help organizations improve performance by addressing all of the key factors people need to perform. While most engagement software focuses on reward catalogs and points, the Engagement Portal addresses all of the key engagement factors and can support multiple, varied programs on a single platform.* EP is the only technology built on the formal Enterprise Engagement Alliance Curriculum and Certification program, which was developed through input from dozens of experts in all areas of engagement and based on over 15 years of research.

Assessment: EP provides a survey creation tool that makes it easy to quickly assess the situation with your targeted audiences.

Communication: EP provides a powerful content management, e-mail and web-mail communication platform that enables companies to publish relevant news, how-to information, and recognition certificates and push it out to their key audiences.

Leaderboards: Ability to display individuals and groups ranked by performance.

Learning: EP provides a testing platform that makes it easy to find out how much people know and reward them for their knowledge.

Collaboration: EP makes it easy for people to contribute content and ideas and to get them quickly published online for the benefit of all.

Points Management: EP makes it easy to reward points to encourage any type of behavior and for recipients to bank and manage those points to use as your organization desires.

Recognition: EP supports manager-to-peer and peer-to-peer recognition programs, including both certificates and points distribution.

Rewards: EP integrates seamlessly with completely customizable rewards catalogs offering a direct connection to the live inventory of over 50 major stocking distributors representing hundreds of top brands and thousands of products at wholesale prices.

Measurement and reports: EP provides performance dashboards that can link behaviors to outcomes and bottom-line benefits, including points awarded; the value of the results and actions being rewarded; results of surveys and tests; and more.

Flexibility: EP is built on the Drupal open-source PHP platform so that it is easy to customize, able to connect to most company portals for a single log-in experience, and capable of connecting with other engagement software tools. Your organization can easily add modules and features as needed to completely customize the look, feel and other elements needed for your business. Once it is set up, either your internal administrator or our EP support team can help you manage your engagement strategy. System administration is intuitive and requires little support; EP can provide training as needed or handle your program administration on an outsourced basis.

Create and Profit From New Ideas: Do you have a great engagement application not currently available on the Engagement Portal? Because we're based on Drupal, you can develop applications that integrate with our system that we can sell on your behalf to other companies using the system, or we can develop proprietary applications available to your company alone.

Quick Start-up: Depending on your strategy, you can have an Engagement Portal up and running within a month or less from the time you conceive of the concept and create the necessary website content.


EP is sold on a software-as-a-service basis with additional fees for set-up, customization, program design expertise, or ongoing support based on your needs. The platform is linked with URE's Universal Rewards Exchange (URE), enabling organizations to use any desired reward supplier.

*See The Emerging Field of Enterprise Engagement for an overview of research related to engagement of people in business.